Some Frequently Ask Questions

Is there a registration fee to sign up?

Yes, there is a R150 fee to register with Model Kids

Will my child be guaranteed work?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee work. It is not up to us who the client chooses. We can only put your child forward for work if they fit the criteria.

Does my child get paid for casting?

No, children are not paid for attending castings. Castings are setup by the production company so that they can see the model in person and make a final decision.

Will my child get paid for a shoot?

Yes, your child will be paid for a shoot. The rate per shoot varies depending on the client.

Is there an agency fee?

Yes, agents earn 25% commission from the model fee. Every casting costs the agent time and money without any guarantee of getting a booking.

Will my child pay tax?

Yes, all children working in the Industry have been determined by SARS to be obliged to pay tax. That means, if they work, they will be treated as an employee and paid under the PAYE scheme.

Every model that works will receive an IRP5 which will enable them to claim any tax due to them at the end of the financial year. Please check SARS website for further info